I worked with Takadzani for past few months on customer processes that needs to be developed for our retail business. My experience with him has been very good. He has deep knowledge of process engineering and he applied that on this project with no supervision. I gave him very broad requirements and being the self-starter he is; he managed to develop a comprehensive plan. He executed this plan on time and he worked with various teams across the business to ensure we met our agreed plan. He astounded me with his knowledge of our business and he acquired this in very short space of time.

The deliverables was of high quality and showed business how we could derive value from quick wins. Overall he one of the best process engineers I have had the pleasure of working with.

Anusha Naidoo

Takadzani “Jay” Madzhie worked with me at Standard Bank on the Core Banking Transformation programme. Mr. Madzhie was an asset to the team. He was thorough in his work, and produced detailed process documentation of both the as-is and to-be leads management processes across all business divisions within the bank. His process understanding, documenting and analysis skills were of a high standard. He was reliable and hardworking, and willing to go beyond the call of duty.  He also played a key role in training and mentoring more junior members of the team.

Lara Kay

It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial for Mr. Takadzani “Jay” Madzhie.  Jay worked at Standard bank as an independent contractor and I had the opportunity of working with him on the Fraud Programme. I have seen Jay work studiously and with intelligence. He displayed strong leadership abilities, logical thinking abilities, and the ability to work well with teams as well as independently. He produced quality documentation i.e. business requirements and functional specifications. He chaired his meetings and JAD sessions with ease and could get the business to unpack their requirements in an understandable way.

I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity. As such, I expect that he will add value to any company. I therefore offer my recommendation of Takadzani “Jay’’ Madzhie without reservation.

Nomi Ceba

Takadzani “Jay” Madzhie worked with me in the Business Process Management (BPM) function. He presented, facilitated and led business process improvement events for overall Contract Life Management (CLM) per instance of a contract and for the overall Business Function of CLM.

I experienced him as a well-spoken, well received by our clients and as a dedicated professional achieving all targets set to him. He also displayed willingness to deliver and delivered on priority project deliverables outside the BPM focus area as tasked to do. He was always well prepared on engaging with Business clients in reviewing and sharing the findings of his analysis.

I can highly recommend him in the Business Process Management (BPM) as a well-trained and competent BPM Senior Specialist.

Louis Jacobsz